Experience Report Auditor at ALR Treuhand

Sabine Uhl
Assoziierte Partnerin

“Isn’t your job dry?” This is a question that I often hear when I tell people that I work as a tax consultant, an auditor and an associated partner at the ALR. In reality, my job is anything but.

The first thing I do when I start up my Notebook in the office or home office in the morning is get an overview of upcoming deadlines and tasks and plan my day. At the end of the work day however, it isn’t uncommon for me to realise that I strayed from my original plan because new tasks come along through colleagues or clients. This means that my work days aren’t always predictable, but all the more varied and interesting.

For example, a regularly scheduled meeting with a client, in which we are set to discuss the planning of the annual audit, could lead to a discussion about the specifics of value added tax that leads to a short-term change of the entire company group. The basis for this is that we provide our clients with a full range of support and consultation.

This insight into companies of different sizes, legal structures and sectors is another aspect of my job that I particularly value.

Accordingly, we usually provide our clients with the legally required preparation and audit of the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, as well tax advice, which allows us to obtain a comprehensive inside view of the company’s business activity.

This insight into companies of different sizes, legal structures and sectors is another aspect of my job that I particularly value. It doesn’t only help me provide the best possible consultation to my clients, it also leads to an increased interest in a diverse range of topics in my private life, which helps me maintain and extend my knowledge.

One thing that I consider to be very special is that I still provide counselling to a large portion of clients that I helped counsel in the early stages of my career as an intern and later as a working student at the ALR.

My varied work in a great team

Regardless of whether I’m working on a planned or on an unplanned task, I always have close contact to my colleagues. I work and complete tasks alongside a constant team made up of professionals, university graduates, assistant tax consultants and working students. This creates a dual-control principle, which doesn’t only guarantee a high standard of quality, but can also oftentimes lead to new impulses that benefit our clients.

And while my work days are usually different, my evenings are often similar. . I usually spend them with my husband and our daughter as well as our two dogs, either going for a walk or biking.

Here you can find more information about working as an accountant at ALR or you can apply directly on our job page.

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