Experience report on becoming a tax specialist at ALR Treuhand


I studied economics in my home country Iran and worked first as a financial accountant and then as senior controller and director of the finance department for around 7 years.

Upon arriving in Germany, I completed a retraining to become an assistant tax consultant and worked in this function for several years.

My path at the ALR

When I began working for the ALR, I was impressed by the many young tax specialists. This motivated me to complete further training to become a tax specialist. This provided me with the opportunity to commence the right professional career for me. This training was ideal for me because the knowledge gained is tailored towards everyday practice in a firm or a consultancy office. It was also my chance to make my next career move.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to gain a deep understanding of a difficult topic such as German tax law in a foreign language. However, I was able to complete my further training with the support of our team, the professionals and a leave of absence for my exam preparation.

With my expertise, I support my colleagues

The requirements are significantly increased for a tax specialist as opposed to an assistant tax consultant. Oftentimes, I am the tax consultant’s “right hand man” and relieve their everyday working life. I am therefore very well informed about the current legal situation and changes and am well acquainted with many levels of the German tax system. I am able to support my colleagues in the areas tax law, accounting and business administration thanks to my expertise.

The ALR recognised my foreign degree and work experience and completely took them into account in regards to my starting salary. I am very happy that I am able to work in a typically German job regardless of my origin and education. I feel well accepted and that I am treated equally in a nice and open-minded team.

Find out more about working as a tax specialist at ALR or apply directly.

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