Experience report on working as a tax-
clerk at ALR Treuhand



Experience report from Enes, Assistant tax consultant

I came to my job as an assistant tax consultant in a roundabout way. My resume doesn’t meet the classic, gapless requirements, but my interest in numbers finally lead me to a tax consultancy regardless. I made the conscious decision to pursue this training and my choice is still the right one to this day!

Starting at the ALR was a lot easier than I expected it to be. After my “check in”, I was warmly welcomed by everyone. A friendly work environment is very important to me.

There is always a contact person for any question, regardless of how challenging the topic is. Which I really appreciate in my colleagues.

We work in small teams made up of one tax consultant and two to three assistant tax consultants. Which allows us to support and fill in for one another. I use MS Teams for the sake of internal communication as well as communication with clients because most problems can be easily solved in a personal conversation.

All processes are fully digitised, from incoming mail over editing received documents and checking assessments through to outgoing mail. This flexible way of working allows us to work from any location. This allows me as a family father to react easily to unexpected care situations.

Experience report from Manuela Lausch, assistant tax consultant and human resources specialist CCI, Leipzig

I started working as an assistant tax consultant as well as a payroll and salary accountant at the ALR Treuhand GmbH in Leipzig in 2016. My work is specialised in the area of personnel administration, specifically payroll accounting. As I have always had a special interest in this area, I expanded my qualifications to certified Professional of Human Resources Management CCI in 2019.

I independently look after and consult a stable client base from a range of industries. I am not only in contact with the clients on a daily basis, but also with a wide variety of institutions. Accompanying tax audits is also a part of my areas of responsibility.

My occupational field is both exciting and complex as I am constantly confronted with new legal regulations and guidelines. During my years of work, I have been able to continue to grow and still face new challenges to this day.

After work, I have enough time for activities such as yoga or jogging at the weekends which completes my work-life-balance. A hike every now and again adds to my happiness.

Read more about working as a tax specialist at ALR or apply for our current vacancies.

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