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Experience report from Michael

A mandatory internship of 20 weeks is required within my Bachelor’s program in business administration at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in order to apply and deepen the theoretical knowledge gained over the course of the program in practice. I completed this in Mr. Stefan Denk’s team.

During my time at the ALR Treuhand GmbH, I was able to become more familiar with the multi-faceted work in a tax consultancy and auditing firm. Aside from preparing tax returns, checking assessments and preparing and checking annual accounts and financial statements, I also came up with individual solutions to clients’ problems.

My internship at ALR: Versatile and never boring

The advantages of working at the ALR Treuhand GmbH as an intern are, among other things, the varied and never boring work, frequent trainings, flexible working hours and, above all, the close cooperation between team members. The other team members help answer any questions and help me expand my specialist knowledge.

Another advantage is working with different DATEV tools. As an intern, I had the opportunity to learn how to use the software and participate in regularly scheduled trainings.

I can personally only recommend the internship. In order to continue to apply my newly learned practical knowledge, I accepted a job as a working student at the ALR after completing my internship. I’m looking forward to future tasks and challenges.

Experience report from Firas

I found a job listing for the ALR Treuhand GmbH online through the platform indeed that was exactly what I was looking for: A mandatory internship that would allow me to gain insights into economic and tax processes of companies. Shortly after applying, I received an invitation for an interview. I used my time until the interview for intense preparation and a job application training. As I am originally from Syria, I wanted to be well prepared for the requirements of working in a German company.

The interview with one of the firm’s partners lasted about half an hour. The main focal point of the interview were my expectations and my specialist knowledge that I had gained over the course of my five semesters studying business administration at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. I received a job offer shortly after the interview.

My expectations were to learn as much as possible about the work of a tax consultant and auditor. One of the main things I wanted to learn was how to prepare and check tax returns and annual accounts. I also wanted to get to know the different legal structures of companies and understand how they work and which processes exist. Through practical experience, I also wanted to find out whether this could be a job that I can imagine myself working in in the future.

I shared my office with an experienced tax advisor

The initial training at the ALR Treuhand takes place in the form of a one-on-one support system. At the beginning of my internship, I was assigned an experienced tax consultant. He supported me for my first steps in the firm. He gave me tasks to complete, explained these and was my contact person for all questions I had over the course of my internship. As we shared an office, I could always ask questions quickly.

The ALR provides extensive learning programs for the onboarding process. For example, I watched videos in DATEV on the topic of “accounting with DATEV accounting system and annual accounts basics”. I also used a learning program to learn and deepen my knowledge on the legal foundation of the German commercial code, because it was intended that I work on an annual account step by step.

After my mandatory internship, I had the opportunity to continue working at the ALR as a working student. I am looking forward to continue using my theoretical knowledge in a practical context.


Also interesting for students with a focus on accounting or taxes: The field report of our intern Eva.


Read more about an internship at the ALR or look directly at our jobs page.

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