Flat hierarchies


It was only on my first day at the ALR Treuhand that I realised how big the firm is and how many employees work there. I had never worked at a tax consultancy or auditing firm before being employed at the ALR and I was hoping for a multi-faceted job with friendly colleagues and superiors. It’s never obvious what kind of processes and hierarchies are established in a company when looking in from the outside.

We have multiple partners and different teams that, in turn, have team leaders. The teams are sorted into different working groups that occupy themselves with the improvement of particular aspects of the structure of the firm. Our bosses also have different organisational focuses, such as human resources, accounting, or IT-DATEV, next to their primary work of tax consulting and auditing.

The doors are always open at the ALR

To be honest, my first fear was “oh, this is going to be fun. I’ll probably have to wait a long time before the boss has time for me and if I have any problems, the team leader will have to look at it first.” Today I can say “far from it”:

No matter who, the doors are always open. I can always knock and ask a quick question. You can just send an e-mail should the doors ever happen to be closed (important client meetings on the phone) and you’ll always get a call back or an answer. I find this to be a great advantage.

All in all, I can say that there is a flat hierarchy at the ALR and I can always turn to any partner or colleague.

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