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Experience report from Philipp, tax consultant

„A firm with over 100 employees? That must be completely impersonal!“ This is one of the typical phrases one might hear when switching to a consulting firm of this size. I recently switched from the tax office to the ALR myself. An unusual step at first glance. And I also heard such phrases during my change.

I was very curious about what awaits me. And after a few months I can say that the worries that one might have when switching could be taken from me. I can find a colleague who can help me on almost every topic. Be it if I have problems with some of the programs that I still need to get used to or if I am lost on tax issues, I’ll be helped. If I don’t want to go to the beer garden alone, there is usually always someone who can accompany me. My colleagues always give me the feeling of being a strong team.

Experience report from Alicia, tax and audit assistant

At first, I wanted to begin a Master’s degree in tax at the university after having completed my Bachelor’s in law and economics. However, I was convinced by the possibility of an extra-occupational Master’s with completion of the tax consultant exam. A few insights into the ALR were enough for me to start working as a tax and audit assistant.

After signing my employment contract, I received a time schedule for my first work days. This allowed me to adjust to the new situation and the nervousness was taken from me. The entire onboarding process lasted 3 days. The general information was explained at first and I also participated in trainings for the IT-programs that play a vital role for everyday use on the second and third day.

In all honesty, I must admit that the wealth of new information slightly overwhelmed me. However, I can say from experience that you remember more than you expect to. It is very helpful to have seen the program interface and tried it out under guidance. Additionally, all my colleagues are very willing to help and always make time for me should I have any questions.

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