The path to the tax consultant exam


With the clear goal of tax consultant in sight, I decided early on a Master’s course at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg with a focus on tax law and accounting.

It quickly became clear to me that a medium-sized firm was best suited for gaining practical experience and for my own personal development.

A wide variety of different tax topics and a large range of key activities were essential criteria to me for a successful path to the tax consultant exam.

Due to these factors, my path lead me to the ALR Treuhand GmbH early 2016.

Due to these factors, my path led me to ALR Treuhand GmbH at the beginning of 2016. From the beginning, I was involved in diverse and exciting activities in the areas of audit and tax consultancy.

Owing to my educational background, the fantastic supervision and support from experienced colleagues as well as the open feedback culture on the part of the superiors, I was able to develop professionally and personally in a very short time, as well as supervise various areas of activity independently.

I perceived the large amounts of trust placed in my person and independent work to be both challenging and encouraging. This encouragement, the possibility of taking a leave of absence for my tax consultant exam and also the trust placed in me were key success factors in passing my tax consultant exam.

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