Trainings for tax/audit assistants

Prüfungs- und Steuerassistentin

Hi I’m Natia and I’ve been working as a tax and audit assistant at the ALR since October. Starting with my Bavarian breakfast on my first day of work, I have always felt that I was in good hands at the ALR. In the meantime, I’ve realised that the ALR is going to be the ideal companion on my way to the tax consultant exam.

Learning videos, Friday dialogues and intensive induction: the training takes place on numerous levels

The onboarding consists of structured steps that gave me a lot of security and allowed me to quickly develop skills. In the first week, I was given initial training by my colleagues, during which I could always count on their readiness to help and camaraderie.

Through the training videos and accompanying manuals, I was able to quickly familiarise myself with DATEV and AP Comfort. In addition to this, I was able to participate in an online training course at the IDW after a few months.

Furthermore, there are educational “Friday dialogues” every month, hosted by experienced tax consultants and auditors from our firm. Numerous training activities give me the positive feeling of an ever-growing know-how.

Finally, the ALR gave me all necessary tools for a successful start into my professional life, which I very much appreciate. Thank you.

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