Experience report Tax and Audit Assistant at ALR Treuhand

Prüfungs- und Steuerassistent

After graduating university in 2018, I was faced with the decision of whether to start my career at one of the Big Four companies or whether I dare venture into a medium-sized firm after completing my internship. Sought and found. The ALR in Munich, where I still work to this day. After graduation, I had the feeling that I wasn’t perfectly prepared for the working life. For this reason, it was all the more important to me to find a work place that wouldn’t just challenge me, but would also provide me with the necessary support. I was always sat across from an experienced professional who was tasked with familiarising me with diverse and complex tasks.

I participated in the preparation of tax returns and financial statements for partnerships and corporations from the very beginning and was never insufficiently challenged, on the contrary! But I was never scared to make a mistake or ask a question because all colleagues, from assistants to partners, are always friendly and ready to help. The team sizes are essentially very manageable, which allows for the ability to work on a very personal level throughout the company hierarchy.

Challenging tasks and flexible working hours

To work as a tax assistant doesn’t only mean to complete challenging tasks, it also means to complete them on time. This can become stressful from time to time. It’s all the more important to me that I have flexible working hours at the ALR. My work day usually begins at 7:30 AM, but that also means that I leave at 4 PM more often than not. Of course, things need to get done every once in a while. The nice thing is that I largely control my own deadlines.

After around two years, I was already responsible for groups of clients and organising my assignments as far as possible. Nevertheless, I have daily exchanges with my audit manager and partner to discuss technical and organisational issues. Ultimately, choosing a medium-sized firm was exactly the right choice for me.

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